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We have only one goal — to create Phenomenal Spirits for Phenomenal People for Phenomenal Moments. You'll find no fake marketing here, we don't have a pirate mascot or make up bootlegger stories, nor do we insist that we started with moonshine. We simply craft phenomenal spirits for phenomenal people for phenomenal moments.

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Welcome to the world of Phenomenal Spirits!

We have traveled around the world in search of best cane, best grain and best terroir to

develop the most authentic brown spirits. Starting with those ingredients, we have been able to handcraft spirits that will knock your socks off. Because we pay attention to even the

smallest details and you can taste the fine craftsmanship in every sip.

There is only one option for us — to be phenomenal. What about you?

Desert in Dark


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Our multi-award winning spirits are crafted using authentic ingredients that blend together like magic. If you enjoy a taste that is full bodied, rich, multi-dimensional complexity with smooth and long sensational finish, then you've come to the right phenomenal place.

Ron Izalco 10yr, 86 proof

Ron Izalco 15yr, Cask Strength, 110.6 proof

RY3 Whiskey, Rum Cask Finish, 100 proof

PS logo 21-02a-07.png


Phenomenal Spirits is an Idea, vision and an incubation platform to develop exceptionally high quality super-premium and ultra-premium spirits. The name of our company is our promise to you, that we create phenomenal spirits for phenomenal people for phenomenal moments. We've developed a brand following, precisely because we deliver on our promises. Each product we craft is a thing of pride, and we're on a never-ending journey to deliver a phenomenal customer experience.


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